Located in the grape growing area of the Penedes Superior (Upper Penedes) in Barcelona Province, 50km south-west of the city. It is an elevated plain at 200 metres above sea level and is protected from the cold northerly wines by the Montserrat mountain range.

The influence of the Mediterranean Sea, the sun and the characteristics of the soil, mean this area has all the right ingredients for growing good grapes.



The climate is Mediterranean with mild winters and hot, dry summers. It does however, have a slight continental influence, defined by the temperature differences between the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded. The difference in temperature which exists between day-time and night-time favours the development of grape aromas and at the same time, delays the ripening process

Average temperatures are around 15ºC and sunlight hours are 2,500 hours in total.

Rainfall is 500 litres per year with springtime and autumn being the rainiest seasons.

Dry summers with long, sunny days are vital for grapes to reach good sugar concentrations.



Our vineyard’s soils are ideal for grape growing. They tend to be deep, with some clay but not too sandy. The bedrock is limestone (caliza),which is poor in organic matter. The soils can retain rainwater well